Invitado a visionar en el nuevo centro de la Fototeca Latinoamericana, FoLa, en Buenos Aires. Gracias a Gaston Deleau y Nicolas Janowski.
One of the best photofestivals I know, Encontros da imagem, Braga. Nice week doing portfolios reviews, talks, music and eating pastel de nata.
Curated by Jokin Aspuru, the 10th edition of Getxophoto.

Una semana fantastica celebrando los 10 años de Getxophoto, y haciendo un workshop sobre multimerda.
Back to el Alto, Bolivia. Finishing the film "cholet"on Freddy Mamani.

We had a Screening of IIC and Cholet at the Camp180 Abrantes.
Creative Camp180 in Abrantes, Portugal.

Hemos pasado unos días en la costa de Ecuador, haciendo un proyecto colaborativo sobre las secuelas del terremoto que sacudió la región hace unas semanas. Para FLUZ + VAQ

Talk en Fluz. - FLuz QUITO, Ecuador

Invitado a dar una charla en FLUZ, Quito, sobre narrativas visuales.

Happiness is a place in teh sun. Invited to be at the portfolio review, thisSeptember at Ecnontros da Imagem 2016, in Braga, Portugal.
Regreso a los origenes. Invitado a dar una clase en Getxophoto 2016. Septiembre. LINk ----->
Finally in el Alto, looking for Mamani #freddymamani

A little bit of nostalgia. That was the original Ojodepez concept. A magazine with empty white cover and back cover. Inside a black plastic bag, the same used for photo paper. Binded with a red thread. Beautiful. It lasted 2 issues before we had to adapt it to the "market".
Insane how video gear has changed in a decade. Now I can make 4k, 120fps, raw files, lighting and great audio with such a little equipment. First Ikea, then H&M, and now this. On my way to El Alto.
I was invited to the Center Awards Jury, for the Project Launch category. Great award to give a little push to devoted photographers. Congratulations to ELENA ANOSOVA, WENDEL A. WHITE, ÁLVARO LAIZ, LAURA MORTON. Check the site.

Preparando un nuevo documental sobre el genio del Alto, Freddy Mamani.

We are going to Abrantes, for the exciting 180 Creative Camp, in July. With this amazing line up: Sean Dunne, Boa Mistura, Javier Peña Ibáñez, José Cardoso, Alec Dudson, and Simon Landrein!

180 Creative Camp aims to provide a time and place for young creators, invited artists and thinkers to learn together, exchange experiences and give birth to amazing creations. It will be an 8 day Media Arts Academy in cozy Abrantes, Portugal. You’ll have the time and the freedom to explore the city and give it another life! Since 2012 people from all over the world, since Los Angeles to Copenhagen, Santiago do Chile to Berlin, have come to 180 Creative Camp showing their best.
Go to the website

So that was it for Ojodepez. Started years ago at the university in Barcelona. I went broke, desperate, frustrated, but it was worth it.

Here a letter from Arianna.
Most of you are probably aware by now: OjodePez, the documentary photography magazine as you know it, is ceasing to exist. Decisions need to be taken on if and how to proceed in the future. The magazine was born 13 years ago from a wild idea Frank Kalero had with a few peers in college. They wanted to create a photo magazine, and to do so they invited a photo editor (@Pepe Baeza) to guest edit one. OjodePez at the time did not even have a cover image! It was collected in a black plastic bag, a nostalgic memory of darkroom days and light sensitive paper. Well, there was nothing nostalgic about the magazine really. It was a flash-forward idea, giving space to unpublished works but mostly cherishing and highlighting, not only the work of the authors but the action, the magic of the photo editor. That person that envisions the best way to sequence your work, and that intuitively knows which images must go in and which ones should go out. The Photo Editor. I was lucky enough to be invited to guest edit the second issue: what a dream! About 100 pages to fill with the remarkable works I had been collecting through the web, portfolio reviews, meetings… and preserving in a drawer or folder, waiting for that special space to welcome them. And since then I have never left the magazine… spiritually and professionally…on the side during Frank’s directorship and as director since 2010. OjodePez has changed and evolved with the passing of time. The look and language of the magazine has modified to adapt to new codes and contemporary visions. Always based on one theme per issue, it has welcomed a variety of styles and choices to study and defy the definition of documentary photography. I feel we have done a good job, I am a happy stepmom of this wonderful project that is the result of love, many hours of work usually at nighttime, great discussions and encounters, all done with a very small team. I want to thank first and foremost Frank Kalero, for the vision and the bravery to put forward the idea, and to let it go and live on; to La Fabrica, the publisher, especially in the person of Camino Brasa, wonderful and compassionate editorial director; and Gema Navarro, art director and designer of the magazine, for the patience and precision. MUST thank ALL the photographers that have participated in the issues throughout the years, offering their images to the passionate workings of photo editors worldwide. And of course, the amazing invited editors who, also at no fee, spent countless hours picking, choosing, editing, sequencing, often at nighttime. (I will dedicate a comment to tagging all of you!!!) And thanks to you, faithful readers, fans and photographers, who from all over the world have been buying, subscribing, reading, exchanging, suggesting, discussing OjodePez and the wonders and challenges of documentary photography today. Truly, Arianna
In Hong Kong, at the Wyng opening. The WYNG Masters Award is a non-profit photography award aiming to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong, as well as stimulate dialogue and foster community awareness on socially relevant issues of critical importance to Hong Kong. Each year, a focused theme is chosen for the award. In the Award’s inaugural 2012/13 cycle, the theme was POVERTY, followed by AIR then WASTE, and the theme for the 2015/16 cycle is IDENTITY. The WYNG Masters Award grants the recipient of the award a cash prize of HK$250,000. The recipient is chosen by an international panel of judges. Each of the six additional finalists will receive HK$15,000 cash. The winner will be announced at the exhibition of finalists’ works in April 2016.
Paseando por el boulevard de Iquitos, conocimos a Luis Beltrán Peña Grandez, el poeta del amor. Vive en una casa de madera flotante. Que se acerca y aleja al malecón dependiendo del caudal del rio. En una semana dejará a su familia para pasar dos años en Republica Dominicana como misionero. No tiene teléfono, no tiene internet. Este video es un pequeño presente para Luis.

My prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses. This is how your life looks when you are a freelance working probono for art's sake.
Starting a fruit seed bank for a new project.
Doing some research in one of the most amazing Valleys in the world. Birth place of the Inca empire.

Filmando en Lima una intro para el Festival de Diseño Latinoamericano, LAD FEST.

Una nueva oportunidad para estar con la familia de Getxophoto.

GETXOPHOTO cumplirá diez años en septiembre de 2016 y girará en torno a la temática del tiempo. Será una edición especial comisariada, por primera, única y última vez, por el actual director del festival, Jokin Aspuru. Contará en su equipo de programación artística con los que han sido hasta ahora los tres comisarios del Festival: Alejandro Castellote, Frank Kalero y Christian Caujolle.
We are in Paracas desert, Perú, working with Domingo in a project for the upcoming Museo de Paracas.

All hand made, no electric tools. Made in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.